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Picking Simple Products Of Marabouts Et Voyants Africains

Africa isn't short of Art and culture, there are numerous beautiful art pieces that Africa has given the world, but today we shall talk about African Masks. West African masks in particular, in addition to looking visually striking have many layers of meaning Marabouts et Voyants Africains and hold symbolic importance in the tribes they come from. Some that you will uncover as you continue reading further...

African masks are traditionally worn by tribes who use it for many different things. There are different purposes for the creation of each mask and it's determined by the region of Africa they are made and from what tribe they came from. One of many stand out indicators of a masks purpose is the facial attributes it has. An illustration being in a few tribe's an extended, stretched face symbolizes the soberness that power brings.

Masks have already been known to be used and specifically created for spiritual ceremonies in which the spirits of ancestors are conjured through special dance and song, by wearing the mask. These souls the tribes believe will watch over them through their lives, shield them from evil spirits and sometimes help them to win a battle at hand.

Tribal masks are created by specially trained individuals who have been taught by an elder locally with years of experience in the craft of mask making. A master or expert carver is a job that is included with much prestige, in order for one to defend myself against this role they will have to understand meanings of colour and spiritual markings.

Masks are produced from differing materials and the material used is usually an indicator of how important the mask is. The materials found in making the masks range between wood, metal,ivory and stone. Some tribes have been proven to file down animal bones and utilize it for extensions on masks.

Masks also can represent the cultures ideal of feminine beauty. The Punu of Gabon has masks that epitomizes female beauty inside their culture and is worn by men on stilts. The masks have almond shaped eyes, a slender chin and dark black hair style which tops it off. The face area of the mask is white and represents the beauty of the spirit world. The Idia's mask of Benin is a famous mask among African art lovers which was manufactured in memory of the king of Benin's mother. In honor of his mother he wore it by his side near his hip during special ceremonies.

Many masks from Africa are created for a concept or a few, rather than to represent an individual. A mask might be made to represent "wisdom of a person" for example and will feature standout facial characteristics to help increase its cause. West African masks are an incredible element of African culture as they are visual representations of the beliefs of a group and also an object of historical insight. A West African mask has meaning and a level that you can only contemplate when they understand the reason behind existence.

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